Thursday, 10 March 2011

Some Spring Inspiration

Managed to pick these flowers from my garden!

These polka dot cake cases were from Morrisons and only 99p.

These limited edition M & M's were in Sainsbury's  - can't resist pink sweets!

The Morning's are lighter, the Daffs are in the garden and i'm definitely feeling more inspired for life - sometimes winter really is a struggle!  Only problem is I'm currently having my garden demolished by a load of builders and their heavy machinery - They should be finished in a few weeks, but not great when they are all outside my window at 8.30am. Also my knitting has taken a little glitch, as Patch sat on my knitting needles and snapped them last night, will have to wait until the weekend until I can get to the shops and get a new pair  the same size. He did feel pretty bad, lesson learnt, do not leave knitting near his butt! 

I have also joined the Monthly Make by The Felt Fairy (just to give me a bit more inspiration!), my first make was this paper bunting make from old children's books - they look so sweet and I recycled books that we couldn't sell at our fundraising events. May try and make a Stanley if I have time! He's sooo cute!


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