Thursday, 3 March 2011

My Handmade Challenge - 10 Months, 10 Crafts, 10 Gifts!

I have decided to set myself a personal crafting challenge, after starting to knit last month I thought why not set my self a new little crafting task every month. This way I can learn learn lots of new skills and make a bunch of fabulous hand made gifts all ready for Christmas. There are loads of things I've been itching to try, so here are a few ideas of what I would like to do. I will set my new challenge each month, after posting my completed one.

I really fancy doing some decorative decoupage and these blocks would look great with vintage image on or letters - Patch said he could cut me some square blocks quite easily! 

Kirsty Allsop has a lovely crafting site, a bit of mosaics is definitely on the cards! But I fancy a more floral vintage china style! Maybe a plant pot or something. 

I also have my Cath Kidston book, which has loads of sewing projects for me to try.

So this months challenge is for me to put my new found knitting skills to the test and knit and embellish a scarf, so here I go! If anyone else would like to join in or has any good ideas, then please let me know! 

Love Miss Curly Pearl.

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  1. What a brilliant idea!!! My new years resolution was to learn to crochet and to start and finish a crochet blanket for our bed... I have yet to even buy a crochet hook. Things aren't looking great are they but you have inspired me...added to this weekeneds shopping list is a crochet hook (I have managed to hoard loads of wool already!!) xx