Monday, 15 August 2011

A Drift of Sock Pig's

Well, I have really been enjoying helping to run Lulubee's knit and stitch with the lovely Lucy of Lulubee, which we run every Thursday at the shop in Falmouth. If you fancy popping by we start at 6.30pm and we always make sure we have plenty of cake and tea! Here's a little peek at the sock pig workshop I did on Thursday, usually we bring along projects that we're doing, but me and Lucy like to do a little workshop every now and again. 

Lucy and her sock pig! 
Christmas sock pigs are next.....

Thursday, 4 August 2011

My first Crocheted Creature

For my birthday I received an amazing craft book called 'Meet me at Mikes' by Pip Lincolne. The first project I have tackled is Morris the sensitive panda. I love him soooo much, especially as my pandas pink! Here's the original and my version is below.

This is an absolutely fabulous book, make sure you have a peek! x

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A Brand New Chapter! Turning 30...

I turned 30 last week and I absolutely love it! I'm very excited about this new chapter in my life and can't wait to get started! The last few weeks before I turned 30, I began to get an urge to squeeze in as many new and exciting never tried before things, including posing for life drawing, learning the art of burlesque, learning how to crochet and giving blood for the first time! Also I actual put myself out there and styled vintage hair on 'real people'. I'm not sure what happened, but i'm determined to carry on in this manner, well for the rest of my life! So farewell 20's and thanks for the good times, but hello fabulous 30's and to a much more confident me! 
My first Granny Square 

My Vintage hair Styling

Posing for Life Drawing!

LOve Emma x

Monday, 20 June 2011

Victory Rolls and Vintage Fun!

I had such a wonderful day on Saturday and managed to raise £40 for charity! I was a little nervous to start, but after my first customer, I styled hair for 5 hours non stop (well, there were a few cups of tea). So, I now feel quite confident in my styling skills and am going to continue to develop my skills! I have been searching for some more vintage hair books and can't wait to get trying out new styles! Here are a few pictures of some of the ladies I styled on Saturday.....

If you would like your hair styled please get in touch, I can do workshops or individual sessions.
Much Love

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Birthday Wishes....

I really, really would love one of these!
Thank goodness I'm 30 next month and people want to buy me pretty things!

A Very, Vintage Photo Shoot prep.

I'm very busy at the moment, as have a couple of important engagements i'm preparing for, firstly is a vintage themed photo shoot on the 26th of June. Me and El (who I run Two Little Birds with) will be styling the whole shoot, so as I wanted to be extra prepared I put together these two mood boards. I have passed them on to hair, make up and photography and hopefully this will mean we've all got an Idea of what w're going to be up to! I can't wait, we are waiting to pick the models who will be the lucky winners of our bridal competition! 

The other is the Lemon Popsicle fair on the 18th of June, madly practicing vintage hair on anyone who will let me at the moment! 

I Hope you like them, love

Monday, 30 May 2011

Vintage Hair at Lemon Popsicle Fair

I am delighted to be attending the Lemon Popsicle Fair on Saturday the 18th of June, however I'm actually going to be selling more than my wares! I've volunteered to Jazz up the hair do's of the fabulous ladies of Falmouth, to raise money for Age Concern. I'm going to concentrate on 'Victory Rolls', a 40's vintage hair style, they look absolutely fabulous and are one of my favourite hair styles. I'm also going to do a little instruction sheet, which people can then take home and use to try the style out for themselves at home. So, I now need to get practicing before the big event! So if you fancy some curls from Miss Curly Pearl, send me a message at or simply turn up on the day! 

I did victory rolls in my hair for a Jumble sale I organised in March.

Timeless Beauty, Betty Grable with her fabulous, glamorous style! Great Hair do!

Lemon Popsicle Vintage & Handmade Fair
Saturday, 18th June 2011 11-4pm
Love Vintage, Love Handmade, Love Cake?
Then you will LOVE the Lemon Popsicle Vintage & Handmade Fair, featuring some of the South West's most talented crafts people and some of the most beautiful Vintage wares from decades past.

Wish me luck, Love