Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Setting up stall!

Hi all, the weather is absolutely glorious here in Falmouth today and I actually have a day off tomorrow, whoop! I have an extensive list of chores, some of which include; planting my strawberry seeds (I started all my other planting last Sunday), take my sewing machine to the sewing machine doctors and sort out the layout of my stall for April. I have two stalls coming up in April, I will be selling vintage from my shop Two Little Birds and some of my own crafts, the first is at Ruby Slippers Retro romp in Torquay from the 1st and then Vintage in a Teacup in St Agnes on the 23rd. So, I have had a few ideas for my stall, but have been looking for a bit of inspiration on how to make sure it looks fab! (my last stall looked a bit like a squat, no a good look!). The first thing I love is this double pink coat hanger that I found, perfect for hanging up scarves and jewellery.

and this cute Polka Dot cake stand could be a clever way of display my orchid hair clips.

I also noticed that Minky Magic has a very helpful blog on craft fair display ideas, just what I need! I love this stall by Lockette, I have a couple of vintage suitcases that might do the job!

Here's the stall that Ella (my business partner) put together for last years Falmouth week, now this is the high standard I have to try and compete with!

Any tips gratefully received, Love


  1. Love the hanger idea Emma! Thanks for linking to my blog. Would you mind if I included your hanger in it too?? Pretty please!! Marie x

  2. Of course, i'd be delighted! x

  3. Wow, wow, wow, lovely, lovely, lovely! Looking forward to seeing your beautiful display! I love all the suitcases!xx

  4. Thanks Emma, will add it in the next few days and link back to your lovely blog! Marie x