Sunday, 15 May 2011

Posing as a Pin Up!

I am so pleased, I have finally got my hands on the photos of Dr Sketchy's last month. My friend runs the event locally in Falmouth (which is a mix of cabaret and life drawing) and as it was her last show (and shed had some drop outs) she persuaded me to do a bit of posing, so with my duster and iron at the ready I got up on stage and posed as a 50's housewife! I even managed to blag my boyfriend in to posing, but he would kill me if I posted the pic's, let's just say he consumed a lot of vodka and wore a hard hat and held a hammer, bless him! I really enjoyed it and was proud that we both actually got up there, I even got my red polka dot bikini top out! I luckily also managed to get a copy of one of the sketchers drawings (a very talented fashion student)- such fun, but think that's my modeling career over and done with! Back to the day job.

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