Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Retro Romped

I have been a wee bit busy over the weekend, I headed up to Torquay for the marvelously amazing event that was Ruby Slippers Retro Romp. It was such a great weekend and I got to see the Flirtini's, Anna Fur Laxis and Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer - all for the first time! The Rainbow Hotel was an excellent venue, you literally felt like you had gone back in time (this may just be because it hadn't be done up in a fair few years, but it worked). I also am the proud new owner of a fruit themed 80's does 50's dress, which did belong to my friend Lorraine, but she was selling, so I was buying! I actually have matching pink pineapple earrings, which I will delight you with in a bit. This is a picture of all the acts, me on the left and Lorraine on the right managed to blag getting in to the picture! A bit stalker, groupie style but I don't care! Anna Fur Laxis was absolutely amazing, she just has it and she is also competing for Miss Exotic 2011 this year, so I wish her all the luck! If you have an opportunity see her or The Flirtini's or Mr B, make sure you do! 

Me, Mr B, Ruby Demure from the Flirtini's, Anna Fur Laxis, Infinity Favour from The Flirtini's, Mrs B & Mark Bell aka Kinky & Quirky (organisers) and Lorraine.

Matching Pink Pineapple earring and dress - meant to be!

A fabulous print I picked up from a stall, can't wait to frame it.

So exciting, can't wait for the next one! Love

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