Wednesday, 20 April 2011

London Sunshine

I have just gotten back back from a fabulous weekend in London. My boyfriend ran the marathon, which he did amazingly in (I managed to find him and cheer from the sidelines). The sun was shining and although I am completely exhausted now, we had a fab old time. I love going to London, although I'm too much of a Bumkin to ever dream of living there, it's a great adventure every now and again! So here are a few of my favourite, London in a nutshell pictures.

Travelling up on the Train.

Cheering Patch on, in front of the eye.

Natural History Museum: The Extinct land dwelling Sloth

Pretty Butterfly's at the Museum

Chinese at China Town

Cupcakes at Covent Garden. 

I also managed to fit in a night out, a BBQ with friends, Ice cream in Leicester Square and some vintage shopping! Now for Easter and the Royal Wedding! Very Excited! xxx

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