Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Olive - The nautical sock pig.

I am trying to raise some money for my boyfriends marathon run in April, which he's doing for the sailors society, which I love because I can do loads of things with a nautical theme. So, I have organised a craft fair or A Seaworthy Jumble Sail, as me and my partner in crime, Lorraine, have called it and I thought some nautical sock pigs would be a perfect addition. This is the first one, I've named her Olive (from Popeye). I couldn't resist a few promo shots, she's an absolute natural in front of the camera and any girl who loves Babycham is right up my street. However, I only have until the 19th of Febuary, so I better get cracking if my vision of a Ferrero Rocher style pyramid of socks pigs is going to happen. 

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