Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Little Sunday Sunshine

I headed out early this morning to a rather disappointing carbooty, but alas all was not lost as I came back home early and enjoyed a nice cuppa, some boiled eggs in my new Swedish egg cups and a read of the new book I picked up during the week. I also came home to a bunch of daff's, which Patch must of picked for me from the garden, very sweet and cheered me up no end. I adore daffodils, as once you start seeing those lovely splashes of yellow everywhere, spring is definitely on its way! So here is a lovely picture of my daff's and I hope they bring a bit of sunshine into your Sunday too!

I did manage to pick up this lovely tray during the week and the funky retro tin this morning.
Can't wait to read this, there are some amazing pictures in it that I will share with you at some point.
My eggs tasted so much better out of my new egg cups!

Have a lovely Sunday love

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